WA Bombers Merchandise

WA Bombers are pleased to launch a new range of WA Bomber merchandise, which can purchased directly from the Committee at events or online via the link below. The link will also be available through the WA Bombers’ website on the merchandise tab.

If ordering on line, the orders will close off at the end of each month and then there is a 4-5 week wait.


Special introductory prices:

  • Polos – $50
  • Singlets – $35
  • Pint holders – $15
  • Stubbie Holders – $10

The design is by Noongar artist Kevin Bynder and is uniquely Western Australian:

  • The middle circle represents the WA Bombers’ members, the smaller circles that are attached to the middle represent members from across WA regions.
  • The circles to the left of the middle circle represents Essendon’s various football grounds – including Docklands, MCG, Windy Hill and the AFL Women’s home ground.
  • The bottom shows one large circle and the pathways to the middle, this circle represents the WA players who have played for Essendon.
  • The design also features the Derbal Yerrigan (Swan River) and the Djarlgarro Beelier (Canning River) and Katta Morda (Darling Range) giving it an unmistakably WA flavour.